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  • Why reinvent yourself?

    12 years and counting of reinventing myself...

    The spark that led to my reinvention journey...

    Back in 2007, I was part of an awesome leadership development program at Ingersoll-Rand. At the time, I was in national account sales and my client was Anheuser-Busch. It was an incredible job with so many great perks including going to the Super Bowl for their BudBowl celebrations.


    Outside of my day job, I was working a part time job at a local after-school learning center teaching high school students math. It was a nice way to make a little extra money while doing something that I enjoyed. What I didn't realize though was how much I would end up enjoying it. There was no better feeling than unlocking a students' confidence and watching them unleash that confidence on their work in math class. I learned through that experience that the #1 obstacle students face in math is not math itself, it's a withheld or a low level of confidence.


    It was working with those students that I started to wonder if there was something I could be better at, something that I would enjoy more, something that I could be one of the best in the world. It was as if Michael Jordan had gone into baseball instead of basketball and woke up one day and wondered if there was another sport out there that he could be better at, then he starts playing some pick up basketball and really enjoys that time...maybe even more than his full time job.


    That was my SPARK!


    That was the moment my reinvention began - however, at the time, I didn't know it. It wasn't until another 9 months later that I finally made the decision to take the leap and go find what my real sport should be. All I knew as I left my day job at Ingersoll Rand was that I wanted to help people grow in their skills, abilities, confidence, life, or anything they felt they weren't made to do. Just like I helped students do something they felt they weren't wired for or born for, I wanted to help anyone that faced that same challenge, limiting belief, or barrier.


    In order to become someone who could do this professionally, at scale, for people from all walks of life, I decided that I needed to reinvent myself.


    The Reinvention Journey (2008 - not sure it'll ever end)

    Since 2008, I've been on a wild ride, with awesome ups and terrible downs. A journey full of risk, reward, pain, pleasure, happiness, and depression.


    On my journey I have...

    • gone back to school to learn and master psychology, leadership development, executive coaching, and business (M.S. in Psychology and an M.B.A.).
    • launched, tested, succeeded, and failed several businesses, products, and services.  
    • taught and unleashed confidence in high school and middle school math students as a classroom teacher and education consultant.
    • transformed aspiring entrepreneurs and helped them launch their first business through facilitating, coaching, and speaking at over 50 entrepreneurship events around the world.
    • taught courses on education and entrepreneurship at Sarah Lawrence College and the University of Pennsylvania
    • coached over 3,000 athletes, entrepreneurs, college students, professionals, executives, and leaders around the world.
    • delivered talks and presentations to over 150,000 humans around the planet, including speaking at global events for the World Bank, IBM, Inter-American Development Bank, LVMH, Computer Electronics Show, and many more.
    • and most recently, launched The School of Reinvention in order to empower others who want to realize their own version of success through reinvention with the skills, strategies, and community necessary to do so.

    Today, I am better person for having gone through that struggle, that journey, and I'm not sure the journey is really over yet. I mean, is it really ever over? Will I ever really stop and say, "I'm here, time to stop adding massive value to people." Probably not, there are still people out there that need my help, that need to hear my story, that need to know it's possible to do the things they want to do but that they have told or they believe they can't do.


    I consider myself incredibly blessed to have been able to serve over 150,000 people along my journey and now, I'm working on serving over a billion humans!


    There are so many reasons that we may consider a reinvention...

    There are many reasons that might bring us to the foothills of reinvention mountain. Maybe you...

    • just finished school and are not sure of what you want to do or if what you studied is what you want to pursue.
    • graduated from a masters or PhD program and learned new things about yourself and are no longer sure of your original plan.
    • have been on a particular career track for some number of years and you find that you are just not happy or fulfilled with what you are doing.
    • got laid off during a tough economy and you are not sure you want to do the same thing you have been doing.
    • realized that your job role or function is becoming outdated and in order to stay at your company you will need to pursue a new path.
    • work for a company that expects you to reinvent yourself frequently in order to move up the leadership ranks.
    • want to pursue a life or career that doesn't exist and others are telling you is not possible or has never been done but you REALLY want it anyway!

    Whatever the reason that brings you to reinvention, you have an opportunity to go get what you want, to create a new possibility for yourself and for others, to be fulfilled and be great at something that you enjoy and that will contribute massive value to the world!

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